With great organic search results, why should I use Google Ad Words?

“My organic search results in Google are near the top. Why would I want to add Google Ad Words pay per click to my online marketing program?”

This is a pretty common question amongst the companies and individuals with ecommerce websites. Many times these firms have been working very hard to improve their organic search engine results (SEO). They feel like after doing all this work why start paying for impressions, clicks, and conversions, now?

Not on the same page. In a recent study Google found that 81% of paid search ads displayed on a results page had no corresponding, organic result on that same page. This seems counter-intuitive with a good SEO campaign, but it leads to the conclusion that a paid ad campaign can get you excellent first page results. Additionally, the study found that when an organic result was present,  the higher that organic result appeared the higher the paid ad appeared.

Build your brand. Online marketers have favored using both organic and pay per click ads to increase brand-awareness. By covering a result page with both the organic result and the paid ad a psychology of brand domination occurs and the searcher perceives a positive branding message. Couple that with an eye-catching display ads campaign, and you will find branding is cemented with images as well as text.

Searchers are more likely to click on a paid ad. WordStream found in a recent study that searchers with high commercial intent, those searchers looking to buy, click on a paid ad twice as often as an organic result. This occurs for two reasons: 1. these motivated searchers find paid ads much more relevant to their search, 2. and paid ads take up a very large part of the “above the fold” real estate on a search results page.

The simple answer is that paid ads generate higher absolute clicks and better click-through rates than their organic counter parts. And even though complicated and possibly costly SEO campaigns will improve organic results a complimentary pay per click campaign should be considered for a strong online presence. The paid ad campaign is immediate, measureable, and will benefit with a well-planned, symbiotic SEO effort.

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